Objective: Zero loss of plastic pellets or microplastics during transport!

Operation Clean Sweep® is an international program that aims to help prevent the loss of plastic pellets, whether in flakes or powder (microplastics), at various stages of the logistics chain.

 The aim is to keep plastic in all its forms out of the environment, particularly the marine environment. 
This program is mandatory within the plastics industry and everyone has an important role to play, producers, TRANSPORTERS, terminal operators and plastics processors.
The implementation of this program involves carrying out good cleaning and plastic containment practices in order to guarantee that don´t happen  losses and contamination of the environment, especially the oceans, which belong to everyone!

How can I help you ?

Every piece of plastic that is not treated as residue correctly will pollute local waterways and end up in the ocean.

The following procedures should be taken into account to prevent the loss of plastic or microplastics:

  • You must sweep the semi-trailer or the inside of the ISO container whenever you notice the existence of plastic;

  • Make sure that after loading or unloading the merchandise there are no plastics, pellets or microplastics;

  • You must inspect the semi-trailer or ISO container to identify damage to the cargo space that could damage the merchandise. If any dandamage is found, you must  fill out the Problems Communication form;

  • Some customers (Repsol) prohibit the use of semi-trailers or ISO containers with defects or damage to the cargo space as they could tear the plastic transport bags;

  • In the event of a plastics or microplastics spill in the vehicle, this must be contained using equipment for this purpose;
  • Broom, shovel, adhesive tape to close bags or trash cans where waste is placed;
  • Use large plastic bags  or trash cans to safely contain the waste;
  • If you notice a spill of plastics or microplastics on a customer's premises, you must inform (Ex. security) and follow the instructions they give you to help contain the spill;
  • You must always dispose correctly (recycling) plastic waste;

Commitment to Operation Clean Sweep, what are the advantages?

  • Contribute to the preservation of sea water quality and wildlife.
  • Help wirth compliance  with national laws and international standards.
  • Contribute to the health and safety of employees.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Contribute to a positive external image of the company: responsibility and professionalism of its employees.


Preventing the loss of plastics, contamination and threat to the marine environment depends on you! It depends on each one of us!

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